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Kenya is a country that allows you to better enjoy an adventure in Africa.
Bush Company is the only safari company in Kenya with a professional safari guide. She is Italian and is certified by KPSGA SILVER and Nature Guide FGASA in South Africa.
Since 2004 we have been providing the perfect solution for those seeking exclusive safaris far from mass tourism.
We organize tailor-made safaris in all the national parks and reserves of Kenya, including exciting game drives far from the beaten track and characterized by great attention to the natural beauty and photographic aspects.
We devote great attention to the needs of our guests, whether they are photographers, birdwatchers or simple enthusiasts of nature and adventure. We believe it is a perfect safari for those who want a personalized itinerary without being tied to standard tourist programs.
Kenya has an incredible variety of environments and different ecosystems that make it one of the favorite destinations for a safari in Africa.
Our safaris start from either the coast or the capital Nairobi. Or, depending on the duration, you could begin at the coast and end in Nairobi.


The itineraries and selection of tented camps and lodges are planned based on experiences gained over years on safari. Added to this, we offer trips that are a little different, more customised and less “touristy” to our clients.
We arrange tailor-made itineraries for smaller groups, giving priority to traveling by road as a way to better understand the territory and its surroundings. We prefer small, remote tented camps and lodges, with a low environmental impact, giving guests direct contact with nature.
Where possible we can add different experiences to our safari programs. For instance walking safaris, night game drives, dromedary rides and visits to traditional villages. Ensuring your adventure in Africa will be a 360-degree experience and not just a trivial “run-up to the lion” holiday.


You will note that on the web several safari “agencies” circulate, some of which offer so-called “certified guides” which, in addition to the normal work licenses, do not possess the knowledge or skills to be certified guides.
Rely only on the professionalism of true certified safari guides and always check that your guide has official certifications.
The certifications are KPSGA, AFGA, FGASA or other certifications recognized by these institutions.


Safari from the coast
Safari from Nairobi
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