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Bush Company is a safari company in Kenya with a professional guide, certified in KPSGA SILVER and Nature Guide FGASA. She has a deep understanding and total respect of the savannah, not only for the big five but also its wonderful plants and fascinating places.



Born in Urbino in 1975, she lived in Rimini, Italy. After graduating in 1999 she moved to Kenya to follow her passion for animals and adventure, and togain work experience in the safari environment.
In 2003 in Nairobi,she obtained the certification of “Professional Safari Guide” bronze KPSGA (www.safariguides.org) and became the first Italian woman professional safari guide.
With the idea of “non-tourist” and personalised safaris in mind, she began as a freelance guide taking several groups on safari. And in 2004, she founded Bush Company.
In 2007 she advanced to the prestigious “SILVER” KPSGA level, thus becoming the first native Italian speaking guide.
Passionate about photography, she has published safari photos in various specialized magazines and offers valuable help and support for novice photographers while on safari.
Kenya Safari and Sea.
In 2015 she proudly became an AFGA Intermediate Field Guide.

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In South Africa in 2016 she was awarded the prestigious certification of Nature Guide FGASA, and following that she completed the recognition of traces and footprints courseto obtain the CyberTrack Level II.
These certifications make Camilla the only Italian professional safari guide in Kenya with the highest number of official certifications. A position she proudly currently still holds.

Following her passion about environmental conservation issues and continued search for more knowledge about the natural world, she enrolled at the University of Urbino for a second degree in “Ecology of climate change”. She travels to sit the exams when possible.

Kenya safari e mare


In over 18 years in Kenya, 13 of whichat the helm of the Bush Company, Camilla has guided over 700 guests on more than 250 safaris, sharing the discovery of the savannah with every one.
With all guestsshe shares her enthusiasm for the African bush, her knowledge of animal behavior, conservation and her passion for nature photography. She speaks Italian, Kiswahili and English.
She lives in Malindi with her partner and their child. Currently she personally accompanies all Bush Company safaris.


You will note that on the web several safari “agencies” circulate, some of which offer so-called “certified guides” which, in addition to the normal work licenses, do not possess the knowledge or skills to be certified guides.
Rely only on the professionalism of true certified safari guides and always check that your guide has official certifications.
The certifications are KPSGA, AFGA, FGASA or other certifications recognized by these institutions.


“Enthusiastic, tireless, cultured guide and a great connoisseur of the troubled and fascinating history of the parks”

Giorgio Celli

“Her knowledge of the morphology of the animals, the birds and the trees is at the encyclopedic level. The care and communication lighten even the heaviest transfers, with many anecdotes, stories and legends”

Viviana Viizzo

“Camilla has helped us understand the geological, evolutionary and historical dynamics plus revealed many secrets of the world around us, allowing us to better understand the behaviour of people and animals”

Marco Bacchi

“I called her a “living encyclopedia of the animals and flora of Kenya”because there was no question that she could not answer ….”

Luca Pesenti Gritti

“Camilla patiently answered the countless questions we asked her, demonstrating absolute competence while moving from bush animals, to plants, to the geology of the territory and its history.”

Alfio Foresti

“Her high professionalism and deep knowledge of the territory as well as animals, birds and plants is surpassed only by her great care for it all”

Mauro Candian

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