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“…we don’t camp in the bush…we glamp in the bush…”

THE BUSH CAMP is waiting for you, offering a totally unique experience with the only mobile tented camp in Kenya,run by an Italian guide.

Immerse yourself in a combination of adventure with elegance, wilderness and comfort, eco-sustainability and a truly magical environment.

THE BUSH CAMP takes glamping, a fusion of old fashioned glamour with camping, to a new level. Discerning travelers can experience timeless adventures following the style and traditions of safaris of the past.

…imagine watching elephants from your tent while nestled under the palm trees on the picturesque shore of a river bank. Thenlet your mind wander to a crackling fire in an enchanted grove alongside a stream and finally at dawn when you unzip your tent, behold the mighty Kilimanjaro…

This is the excitement of a real safari

…while you enjoy your safari, our team take care to set up your romantic tent and at the end of the day our chef will welcome you into camp withsome delicious bread, freshly baked in the field oven.

…you are free to explore this magical savannah, making each safari a unique experience for our guests and when its time to depart, we take only memories and leave only footprints.

This wild but chic mobile tented camp offers travelers an exclusive and secluded safari, away from tourists. Your small and romantic mobile tented camp brings you to nature moving with you as you make your safari dreams a reality…horizon after horizon, magic after magic.



A) A mobile tented camp is just like a normal safari camp with one big difference…we move the entire camp, including the tents, the kitchen, the restaurant and all the structures plus the vehicles and staff through the stages of your safari. While you enjoy your safari, our team move on ahead to set up campand prepare for your arrival into the next stage of the planned route.

A) No, at least not by any normal definition. Spaces are wide open and shared only with the bush not with other people. Our tents are large and comfortable structures, furnished exactly as you would find them in any other “normal” tented camp.

A) Because the mobile tented camp allows you to experience the safari in a more authentic way. It givesusthe flexibility to choose areas in the savannah to camp, steering away from tourist facilities and other people.Being alone in the middle of nowhere allows you to experience the savannah at its very best. A mobile tented camp safari means having total exposure to nature without feeling like a tourist in a lodge or hotel, doing it the way it used to be done, with all the comforts and security of a normal tented camp but with the allure and excitement of a real camp set under the African stars.

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A) For all those who love nature, adventure and the allure of beautiful things. It is absolutely perfect for those who want to experience the thrill of safari away from mass tourism and in an environment of exclusivity with maximum exposure to nature.

A) The tent is as large as a double bedroom, with two real beds and mattress and sheets, as well as some home comforts like cushions, lamps, rugs, bedside tables and wardrobe.

A) Each tent has its own bathroom. The tent has two partitions: a sleeping area with the bedroom, and the bathroom with its own wc and shower area.

campo tendato mobile

A) No, with BUSH COMPANY the itinerary of safari and game drives is the same as the other safari companies. Because we are mobile, ourtented campstays at least 3 nights in each stage, giving you the opportunity tospend more time in each area with a more exclusive and personal approach.

A) We have three double tents so can accommodate a maximum of six people andcomfortably seat six for game drives in the BUSH COMPANY vehicle.

A) It is no different from sleeping in the tents of normal tented safari camps. Animals perceive humans as a dangerous predator to avoid rather than a meal and therefore tend to hide in the bush,passing by only when they sure they will not be noticed. For the safety and comfort of our guests Masai guards control the camp during the night, accompaning guests to (and from) their tents during their stay while remaining totally available at any timefor the guest if needed.

A) We are Italian-owned so our chef takes pride in presenting guests dishes from his bush kitchen that have strong Italian influences combined with local flavors. Being a private camp for only six guests, we can cater to all tastes and welcome suggestions from our guests as well.

A) Yes absolutely. Just like any other camp or lodge in the savannah. Our mobile camp tents are luxurious and carefully designed with zip and mosquito nets to be insect-proof. The workmanship is excellent, keeping any unwanted visitors out. Our team clean and tidy the curtains several times during the day and spray with insecticide to reassure even the most phobic of guests. When it comes to snakes, the normal passage and continuous vibration of guests and staff walking is enough to deter all the snakes in the immediate vicinity.

A) Bush lighting is provided by solar LED lights. We provide a solar generated 220v multi-charge station in the restaurant tent for chargingof electronic equipment and batteries. Because we are in the bush with low environmental impact and offer a more natural and silent experience, we do not use a diesel generator.

A) Not much at all. You will have to give up having a swimming pool in camp and while on our safari, we ask only that youuse water sparingly so that it may last the duration.

A) No. There is no dedicated Wi-Fi in the bush, although there may or may not be phone coverage depending on the location and stage of the safari. Instead, we think it is the perfect time to connect with nature, however in case of emergency a satellite phone is available.

A) It depends on the parents, not the children. For children who are used to traveling and are respectful of the rules, then for them it will certainly be the most exciting adventure of their life. For their safety, it is essential that they understand the difference between yes and no and listen when spoken to. There is no minimum age but we do ask that parents consider carefully.

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A) A minimum of three nights for each area. We want you to fully enjoy each area that you visit, without rushing. Giving you the time to relax and appreciate the very best ‘bush life’. The mobile programs run for 6 or 9 or 12 nights.

A) Of course, the water in the showers in the tents is heated. We ask only that guests avoid wasting and use it sparingly just as you would on a yacht.

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